Beachcomber Hot Tubs & Patio is pleased to offer Visscher gazebos to maximize the ease, comfort and enjoyment of your hot tubbing experience.

Visscher Specialty Gazebos

Visscher is a company that shares our dedication to producing quality products and providing first rate customer service. They stand behind the quality of every product they make.

There is nothing quite like the warmth, strength and feel of solid wood. Visscher uses only a specific, high-grade SPF lumber harvested here in Canada. They are proud to say they profile every board at their own mill to ensure a consistent quality product. Combined with a rigorous, double-coat paint process, this material is treated to last.

The Windsor 11’x11′ The Mt. Alta 9’x9′ The Canterbury 9’x9′ The Okanagan 11’x14′ The Jasper 11’x11′ The Verona 11’x14′ The Othello 11’x11′ The Hamlet 9’x9′ The Tuscany 11’x11′ The Sienna 9’x9′ The Milano Vista Resort The Banff Vista Resort

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